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We are excited to announce that our brand " Salmon Pants" has been bought out!

We would like to thank the people that have supported us from the beginning. . July is our last month and will be letting our friends and family come by to drink the last of the beer before we remove it.

Location: 100 E. Susquehanna st, Allentown PA 18103

Mark H., Google

The owners definitely have a unique vision for their brewery. I see great things happening here in the south side.

Kate D., LinkedIn

They made a very tasty Lychee beer which I never had and it was amazing! I can't wait to taste their other flavors. Finally a brewery that makes drinkable non-hoppy beer that everyone can enjoy!

Chloe B., Facebook

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We will offer full-time, part-time jobs to local people that need jobs. We also offer internships.

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take a look at some of our beer that we have to offer. Always the best quality.

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